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Exploring Energy Business Models

September 11, 2023

Webinar Series | Exploring Energy Business Models

Late last year we launched our biggest product yet, the game changing Business Model Builder.

A powerful tool the BMB enables the rapid design, optimisation and deployment of multi-stakeholder business models in just minutes, all within a reliable, powerful and logic driven framework. From Power Purchase Agreements to Virtual Power Plants, what would typically take days or weeks of excel work by an analyst, our clients are now doing in just minutes in Orkestra. 📹  Watch the Business Model Builder overview video →

To support the launch of our Business Model Builder and help our clients get as much value as possible from the tool, we'll be running a monthly webinar series 'Exploring Energy Business Models'.

Hosted by Orkestra Co-CEO and Co-Founder James Allston and Customer Success Manager Georgina Hale we'll explore some key applications of the BMB, as voted by our community. Topics will include Creating Power Purchase Agreements, Advanced Batteries, EV Chargers, Virtual Power Plants, Debt Financing, Lease Financing and more.

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Exploring Energy Business Models

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Webinar 1

Creating Power Purchase Agreements in Orkestra

In this webinar James and Georgina look at how to model and optimise behind-the-meter power purchase agreements. We're excited to show you how the BMB is enabling more teams to access fast and easy PPA design and deployment, without compromising on flexibility and accuracy.

This is a training style webinar looking at practical examples to explore:

  • Crafting tailored PPAs to meet specific project needs
  • Utilising Orkestra's flexible setup options to mitigate risks and maximise returns
  • Streamlining the PPA process to ensure a seamless transaction and optimal outcomes for both buyers and sellers

Webinar 2

Business Models to Unlock Advanced Batteries

Our second webinar looks at advanced battery business models that have value stacks inclusive of front of the meter value streams.

James and Georgina provide some context around advanced batteries and the applicable business models, then run through the process in Orkestra for designing these aggregation business models looking at two different examples:

1. Where a customer owns the battery and accepts the risks and rewards. The aggregator providing market access gets a revenue share of energy market revenues.

2. Where the aggregator owns the battery, charges the customer a Battery-as-a-Service fee but accepts all the risks and rewards of energy market revenues.

This one is a big topic, be sure to let us know if you'd like to explore more examples for advanced batteries!


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