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Our mission is to help teams deploy new energy solutions to the world's businesses.

Businesses around the world are facing a storm of energy challenges: rising costs, the need to decarbonise, and confusing levels of choice.


For B2B energy solution companies servicing these customers, this presents a massive opportunity - this segment alone accounts for 50% of global energy demand! But delivering these new and complex energy solutions to customers in such a quickly changing market is extremely challenging.

Here at Orkestra, we’re building the tools to enable modern B2B energy companies succeed:

  •  Analyse  -  Feasibility analysis software that’s accurate, easy and fast

  •  Sell  - Sales tools for lean, high-performance conversion funnels

  •  Manage  - Ensure that your energy systems maximise performance once operational. 

Welcome to Orkestra family! Together, let's conduct the new energy future.  

Our Story


Orkestra was seeded in 2020 by founders James, Chris and Michael at a management consultancy, New Energy Ventures. Client after client had a capability gap when it came to modelling and delivering new energy projects in a rapidly changing energy market. The initial idea for Orkestra was born and refined through subsequent internal prototypes and user research.

It wasn’t until mid-2021 - after working late nights consulting to fund the software development - that a ‘closed beta’ launched to 10 initial users. A year later mid-2022, the team closed a pre-seed round with eminent investors and quietly opened their offering into the Australian market. Word of mouth spread, and now Orkestra has quickly established itself as the leading software for B2B energy solution companies in Australia.

Now, we’re a talented and growing team of product designers, data scientists, software engineers, customer success leaders and energy geeks - united by the one goal - unlocking clean energy solutions for businesses, all around the world.


Life at Orkestra

Do something that matters

Passionate about accelerate the world towards a clean energy future? Love writing beautiful code? Whatever it is, you'll have no trouble finding purpose here. 

Contribute & grow

We're a small, agile, high performance team and you’ll join us early in our story. Your input has influence. You'll hone your existing skills and pick up new ones. 

Work from anywhere

Our team is 100% remote. Craft flexible hours to fit your lifestyle. We'll fly you in for face-to-face retreats at least once per year. 

Be (really) part of a team

Our team owns the business - with stock options as standard on top of your competitive salary. 

Trust and responsibility

Our team is trusted to do what they think is best for Orkestra. More freedom & responsibility, less micro-management. 

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Meet the team

CEO /  Co-founder
CCO /  Co-founder
CTO /  Co-founder
Georgina Hale-min.jpg
Head of Customer Success
Ben Michie-min.jpg
Product Design Lead
Daniel De Castro-min.jpg
Front-End Engineer Lead
Christa T.-min.jpg
Software Developer
Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 3.45.18 pm.png
Enterprise Success Lead
Kelvin Liao-min.jpg
Electrical & Software Engineer
Steven Pilagan-min.jpg
Software Developer
Reymark Arsenio-min.jpg
Software Developer
Senior Software Engineer
reetu_lake (1).jpg
Principal Engineer
July 2022 Profile Image 1.jpg
Team Support
Shane Burns-min.jpg
Shane Burns
Financial Accounts Manager
Marketing Manager

Investors & advisors

Tidal Ventures


Oliver Hartley


Andrew Rogers


Phil Blythe


Andy Hadland

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