Business Model Builder v2.0

Business Model Builder v2 revolutionises how teams design and sell next-generation energy business models. Take the tour!

Note that BMB is a 'Sell' and 'Enterprise' plan feature. To request a trial or upgrade your account please contact our support team here.

Key features

Intuitive, versatile and lightning fast! The Business Model Builder enables your entire team to create and deliver complex business models in minutes, all within a reliable, powerful and logic driven framework.

Apply Templates

Explore and edit templates for PPAs, VPPs, leasing agreements, aggregators, EV chargers & more!

Customise Key Variables

Quickly edit key inputs and view key outputs including contract lengths, pay rates and rate of return.

Adjust Components

Adjust all the core building blocks that make up your business model, such as electricity bills, upfront and ongoing costs, earnings & payments.


Have a particular goal in mind? Tune your business model to your ideal solution in 1 click!

Share your results

Export your business model as a custom branded document, or create a sharable link to your analysis. Easy as!

Quick Start

Get started exploring the Business Model Builder today. Simply reach out to our team to apply a free trial to your account.

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BMB is a feature of Orkestra 'Sell' and 'Enterprise' plans. To get started on a trial of our 'Sell' plan contact support today.

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  • Turn your analysis into next generation business models in 1-click!
  • Export solutions as custom branded documents and sales proposals.
  • Easily adjust your project at any time to offer new solutions in minutes.
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