Create Custom Documents in Orkestra in 1-Click

Close more deals at higher margins with our all-in-one analysis and sales platform

Orkestra now supports direct export of your project analysis into fully branded and customisable sales proposals!

This flexible new tool can also be used to create various other custom documents, including contracts, invoices, presentations and more. You design the template, Orkestra generates your document in one click.​

Developed with efficiency in mind to save your team countless hours by streamlining the sales process; from analysis to customer ready proposal in minutes.

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Sales Proposal generation is a feature of Orkestra 'Sell' and 'Enterprise' plans. To get started on a trial of our 'Sell' plan contact support today.

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Upgrade to a Sell or Enterprise Plan for full access to sales features

  • Visualise project solutions into custom branded, interactive reports.
  • Send clients a shareable link to explore opportunities in more detail.
  • Export custom Sales Proposals and documents in seconds
  • Turn your solutions into next-gen business models, tailored to your customer in 1-click
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