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Webinar | Commercial Energy Storage Opportunities with Supply Partners

September 11, 2023

Orkestra’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO James Allston recently joined Supply Partners to discuss the Commercial Energy Storage Opportunity in 2023 and beyond. In this webinar, James explored the expected boom in C&I Batteries over the next decade, and the critical role Orkestra plays in providing easy, fast and accurate project feasibility of solar and battery solutions.

The solar industry is forecasted to contract over the next 10 years. Filling the void will be battery and EV charging, with both markets projected to massively expand. Solar installers in Australia must begin to consider batteries amongst their solutions to customers to remain competitive and enable their growth. The immediate benefit of considering batteries is being able to achieve 1.5 - 2x project revenue.

High-value battery opportunities exist today in Australia, with many opportunities deriving their value exclusively from behind-the-meter value streams. In this webinar, James demonstrates how “value stacking” various behind-the-meter value streams - solar self consumption, demand charge reduction, enabling tariff optimisation and back-up power - can lead to significantly more valuable opportunities that are easier to justify to clients and investors.

As the battery market grows, Orkestra also expects to see more systems which derive their value from front-of-meter revenue streams. These revenue streams include wholesale electricity market arbitrage and contingency FCAS market participation. These front-of-meter revenue streams not only compliment behind-the-meter options, but further enhance profitability for customers. As James demonstrates in this webinar, value stacking can result in increasing the optimal battery size and thus, project revenues for installers.

In his discussion with Supply Partners, James shows how using Orkestra can allow project proponents to consider hundreds of potential solutions for solar and battery projects. This not only allows proponents to justify their technology selection and business case, but makes the entire process of project feasibility easy, fast and accurate.

Key points discussed include:

  • Why solar installers can’t and shouldn’t ignore batteries
  • Simple Value Stack vs Advanced Value Stack Batteries - what’s the difference and which is better?
  • How to build bigger value stacks and why you want to
  • How to identify and build valuable battery projects
  • Why use Orkestra - conduct easy, fast and accurate feasibility analysis of new energy projects.

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