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Is this the world's most advanced business model design tool for energy projects?

August 22, 2023

Business Model Builder is an exciting feature that will blow the doors off project financing and energy service models for new energy projects in the Australian commercial and industrial segment.

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Orkestra is making building a business model easy, fast and accurate

With Business Model Builder, you can:

  • Allocate cashflows between various stakeholders
  • Assess each stakeholder's margins and returns
  • Deploy common business models from a library of templates - PPAs, leases, etc!
  • Create templates of your own business models
  • Innovate your business model by being able to trial elaborate payment structures rapidly
  • Generate reports for each stakeholder - investors, customers, solar EPCs...

And this is just the beginning. Business Model Builder is being packaged with features to help sell more projects easier and faster, including sales proposal integration and roles-based access.

Why we built Business Model Builder

Australia is globally at the forefront of energy business model innovation.

Currently, VPPs and batteries are colliding headlong into power purchase agreements and the blurring of finance, energy retail and technology.

We set out to design and build a tool that caters to the innovation we see in the market and unlocks the next wave of business model innovation. And we think that we might have just done it!

BMB is more than just a business model design tool for energy strategists and analysts.  It's a business model deployment tool for anyone selling new energy solutions.

In short, innovate faster and close more deals with Business Model Builder in less time.

How do I get access?

Business Model Builder is in a closed Beta until June. Being a part of the Beta gives you early access to existing core features and all updates. You'll also get a say in what changes we should make to improve the feature further to meet your needs.

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