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We're reinventing feasibliity analysis for C&I energy projects.

Orkestra's fast, accurate and easy to use software is empowering teams like yours to close more deals at higher margins, and deploy new energy projects faster. 

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, clunky software, and overpriced consultants with Orkestra

Our all-in-one analysis and sales platform is fast, accurate and easy to use. The most efficient way to compare hundreds of solar and battery solutions in minutes, visualised into interactive reports you can share with your clients.


We're heading to SEANZ, are you?

The Orkestra team are headed to the SEANZ conference in Auckland Sept 20th - 23rd, we'd love to show you the platform in person. Use the form below to send through an enquiry and our team will be in touch to make a time to meet up.

Carl Ritchie, Endless Energy (NZ)

“Thanks to Orkestra we have improved proposal detail, saved time, enhanced client engagement and can easily demonstrate value streams. Orkestra has transformed our approach, making work enjoyable and positioning us as industry leaders in solar and battery systems."
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