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Our mission is to power the world's energy decision-making and create a renewable energy future. 


Orkestra is an Australian SaaS startup, and we exist to help teams understand and optimise new energy technology. We’re reinventing feasibility analysis for new energy projects such as solar, batteries, EV charging, PPAs, VPPs and more. 

Orkestra is fast becoming Australia's leading feasibility and sales software for commercial new energy technology and is your partner to success in modern, rapidly evolving energy markets. 


Our Story

Orkestra, like many other successful start-ups, started its journey in the middle of a recession. In 2020, just after COVID-19 shut down the world and nearly shut down Orkestra's predecessor, (New Energy Ventures), co-founders James, Chris, and Michael set about answering an important question - where in Australia are the best places to deploy commercial industrial batteries and virtual power plants? 



The team turned their research into a whitepaper - Opportunities for Batteries & VPPs in the Australian Commercial & Industrial Segment. The white paper was described by one senior executive at a tier one energy retailer as "seminal to our thinking on the C&I battery opportunity". At another tier one retailer and solar installer: "a key factor in our decision to establish a C&I battery offering".

With the incredible customer feedback the team was receiving, the code base for the whitepaper was quickly turned into a consulting service and eventually spun out of New Energy Ventures into Orkestra.


Having officially launched in May 2022 and with customers including most of the Tier 1 energy retailers and solar EPCs in the country, Orkestra is now becoming the leading new energy feasibility modelling software in Australia. 


We're on a mission to power the world's energy decision-making and create a renewable energy future. Orkestra is doing this by creating powerful, easy-to-use feasibility modelling and sales tools that remove the barriers for businesses deploying new energy solutions.

Trusted by industry

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Ready to conduct the energy future?

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Investors & advisors

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Climate Tech Assembly

Michelle O Foundation

CEO of Westfarmers

A-Mart Investments

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Graham Lindsey

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Motley Crew

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Chalkstone Investments

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